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Ms. Charmaine Hidayatullah

Current President of APWA

Ms. Charmaine Hidayatullah is a distinguished professional with a diverse background. With a strong foundation in banking, she has effectively balanced her corporate expertise with a deep commitment to social causes. Holding a Master’s degree in Law and possessing substantial experience as a practicing lawyer, Ms. Hidayatullah has honed her legal skills over the years.

Her dedication to gender equality and women's empowerment is evident through her two terms of service as a member of the National Commission on the Status of Women. This platform allowed her to contribute significantly to shaping policies that promote the rights and well-being of women.

Since 2004, Ms. Hidayatullah has proudly held the position of Honorary Consul of Monaco, a testament to her diplomatic acumen and international engagement. Additionally, her involvement as an Acting President at First Women Bank underscored her leadership capabilities within the banking sector.

Presently, Ms. Hidayatullah serves as the President of the All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA), a role she has held for over 30 years. Her long-standing commitment to APWA showcases her steadfast dedication to the socio-economic progress of women. A visionary leader, she has passionately championed the rights of marginalized women, offering legal representation for indigent cases on compassionate grounds.

Ms. Charmaine Hidayatullah's journey is a reflection of her unwavering commitment to fostering positive change within society. Her rich and varied experiences, coupled with her mission-driven leadership, continue to inspire advancements in the realm of women's development.

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